Medicinal Herb -- Horsetail

     My first encounter with horsetail was give or take 15 years ago.  I was not working, but all 5 kids were in school.  I spent a good deal of time finding medicinal herbs and then drinking the tea -- you know, like a little guinea pig :-) .  My husband was sure I was going to poison myself!  Horsetail was plentiful and easy to identify. 

Horsetail is aka, bottlebrush, or pewterwort.
This patch isn't full grown yet, it will get 10 - 12 inches high.
     I drank horsetail tea 3 times a day for about a month.  I ended up with the strongest fingernails I ever had in my whole life!  That would have been due to the silica  (in soluble form) content of horsetail.  I was impressed.  The silica content of horsetail encourages the absorption and use of calcium by the body.  So.......I now store horsetail every year just in case of any broken bones that may occur.  I would use it along with comfrey poultices.   Drinking it 3 times a day for fingernails is a little much for me, but if I broke a bone, I would start drinking it right away.  A small handful to 3 quarts of water.  Bring it barely to boiling and turn off the heat.  Let it cool, strain....and then I drink 3 cups/day.

The silica content also strengthens the wall of veins and
helps guard against fatty deposits in the arteries.
hhhmmm -- perhaps I should start drinking it regularly.
.....or at least maybe a springtime "cleanse",  drinking it for a few weeks.

Horsetail, now hanging with mullein to dry.
Remember to pick up a good herbal or a field guide for your area
if you intend to pick some for yourself.

.....dr momi

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TexWisGirl said...

i'm with you - i should be drinking this stuff every day for those fatty artery deposits!

Roxey Lucey said...

I saw a ton of Horsetail on my walk this morning! Didn't know what it was before!

Sarah Rachele said...

Didn't know what horsetail was, thanks for the info! And I just read that you have a snake story too! I think your husband and I feel the same way about snakes. :)

dr momi said...

Yours was the best snake story Sarah! LOL!

Teresa said...

So interesting. I really wish I knew more about herbs.

Carpe Diem said...

I have TONS of horsetail around the acreage and unfortunately that also means all through the gardens too. I bought some German shampoo once and horsetail was in the list of ingredients.
I always have problems with my fingernails, I guess now I know what to do with my abundance of this weed.

SparingChange said...

I cant say I've ever seen this, but will now start looking out for it! Thank you!! :-)