The Snake Story


Perfect snake "houses".  We found a snake skin under these one year.
However, this metal is all going on the pig shed tomorrow.
So sorry snakes,.....NOT.

     At our old house we lived on a hill.  If you rode your bike out the driveway and turned down the hill, it only took one pump and you could coast (fast) down to a second driveway by our barn.

     That's exactly what I did one fine spring day years back.  I had horse chores to do before I took a bike ride.  I think I might have given that bike two pedal pumps that day, if I was going any faster, I wouldn't have made the turn into the driveway.

     Just as I turned in, I looked ahead, and there was this big (4 feet -- ok -- medium) snake sunning himself on the gravel!  It all happened so fast.  If I had put on the brakes, I would have stopped right on top of him -- I just knew it.  So, I kept going, and with my legs stretched out as far as I could get them, wouldn't you know I ended up running right over the middle of him!  I was screaming my head off the whole while....!  He slithered away, and since it was only a grass snake, I hoped that he made it, but, I really don't like snakes.

     Tomorrow........Rick's snake story.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, he was fine. your little bike treads just squeezed him, but they're so darn flexible they can withstand a whole lot more. :) thanks for the visual!

Lisa said...

oh your story made me cringe!! I chased down a lil' ol' garder snake on the lawnmower last summer. Hubby thought I'd lost my mind when he came out of the barn and there was me, pregnant, with our then 18 month old son on the lawnmower driving wildly trying to kill a snake!

dr momi said...

Lisa --- I can see that in my mind too-- Lol! Too funny!

dr momi said...

Texwisgirl -- I'm sure he lived, but I bet he had a tummy ache :-)