The Dogs Of Redtail Ridge

Billy our Golden Retriever
     I don't think it's wise to live in the country without a dog.  A little one will do, but, the bigger the better I think.  A watch dog is important.  When Billy barks his deep watch dog bark, there is no way I'd try to get in that house.  He sounds vicious.  A couple months ago, the doorbell rang at 9:00 at night.  Why I did it I don't know, but I cracked open the door, only to hear the guy explain he wanted to sell me some steaks.  Billy was barking his deep watch dog bark.  I opened the door a little wider, and the guy backed down the steps off the porch pretty fast.
 The whole situation scared me bad and I was so thankful for my "loud" dog.

     When we are outside he will always alert me to someone driving in the driveway, or someone walking or hunting on the property behind us.  I always have a "heads up" with him around.

     I raised Billy for Leader Dogs For The Blind, but unfortunately (or fortunately :-) he did not make it.  He was just too excitable.  We had our choice of keeping him then, and we opted in right away.  He has quite the personality.  Besides his watch dog duties, he has become one of my husband's all time favorite hunting dogs.  He is an exceptional house dog also, except for the occasional sandwich swiping. (We don't turn our backs when making a sandwich).

Future Leader Dog Trixy, a Yellow Lab.
If you are interested in raising a puppy,
contact Leader Dogs For The Blind

     The other dog in the house is actually not our dog.  She is owned by Leader Dogs For The Blind in Rochester Michigan.  I received her when she was 6 wks. old and will have her until April 1st when she goes back to Leader Dog for her formal training in harness.  Five more months with professional trainers, and then hopefully she will be paired with someone who is blind.  A Leader Dog For the Blind can change someones life, and that is my goal with her.  I am called the "socializer".  I take her to as many places as possible to get her used to all kinds of situations.  Trixy goes with me shopping and to church, and to everything in between.  She is the seventh dog I have raised for Leader Dog.  Right this minute she is under my desk as I am typing this.  She is always where I am.  That is a great quality for a Leader Dog.  If you are blind, it's nice to know where your dog is. 

     It's always sad to drop them off at "college", but all along I have known she has a higher calling.  She has work to do.

,,,,,dr momi

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