Love The Thaw - Hate The Thaw

     Here in Northeast Wisconsin we are having our January thaw in February :-)  Up to 45 degrees today!  Only 5 more degrees and we'll start seeing people in shorts  The thaw sure helps with everybody's mood.  It does feel good.  I even left the door open on the chicken coop.....And Elton the drake.....well he's out there,... ahh... "doing his thing".  The ducks started laying eggs again yesterday.

     What I don't like about a thaw is, I have to clean the chicken coop.  Winter cleaning of the chicken coop is always a problem.  There is too much snow for the 4-wheeler and trailer.  So, I let the litter build up, which actually helps to keep the coop warmer.  There is no smell or ammonia as long as it is freezing out.  This works good until a thaw, then it has to be cleaned because of the ammonia.

     So, today the coop got a good cleaning.  I only make a pile on the side of the coop for now, like I said, can't get the 4-wheeler back there.  Towards spring I will have to handle that pile again.  But, it is really not that bad.  Keeping Billy (the dog) out of the chicken poo has to always be considered.....I always pile snow on top of it, and then he seems to leave it alone.

     I'm going for the "glass is half full" side of this thaw.   .......I really don't think we are going to have any more "20 below" days.  Hey, we're going to be tapping for maple syrup before you know it!

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