Frisky's A Gone-er

     I named him Frisky.  He was the big fox squirrel that lived in the woods on the ridge.  He would dart across the driveway and eat from the bird feeder, and dart back as if he knew he was in dangerous territory.  He never was a problem and he was the only squirrel brave enough to come to the bird feeder.  My husband would say "he's gotta eat too".  So he got "named" and became part of the Redtail Ridge gang.

     Our first real encounter with him was this last summer.  I was having truck troubles, but, planned a trip to Green Bay with my daughter anyway.  As we backed out, the whole truck lurched and sounded like there was big trouble under the hood.  We limped it over to my husbands office 4 minutes away, traded vehicles, and off we went.  My husband drove it home at lunch time, then back to work, and came home at 7:00 p.m.   He now had time to check under the hood.  He no sooner had the hood up and a big fat squirrel jumped just past him! ......little heart check there.  It was Frisky.  He was in the engine of the truck all day! 

    We grew fond of watching Frisky try to plant acorns in our lawn, and steal chicken grain from the garage if we left the door open.  We don't know if he was just old, got caught outside his regular hole as it got dark or what, but in the terrible cold snap we had a few days ago, Frisky didn't make it.  He froze to death.  Of course Billy found him, frozen in a position that looked like he was trying to keep warm.  Well Frisky, we totally enjoyed your time here.......I'm thinking there has to be some progeny in that woods.  We'll see if any are brave enough to come across the driveway :-)

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