Scratchy Throat Tea

    I have a scratchy throat today.  Don't feel sick, just know it's there.  I never let it get any further than that!!  I attack.  My favorite tea is Traditional Medicinals Organic Echinacea Plus.  The box says to "drink 5-6 cups throughout the day when necessary to maintain a healthy immune response, gradually reducing the dose as conditions improve."  I change it up a bit and use 2 tea bags to a cup of water 3 or 4 times a day.  I always get results if I start early enough.

I drank this cup while writing this post :-)
       I love taking tea over say, echinacea capsules.  The hot tea in contact with the "problem area",  I think is important.  I would  keep a couple of tea bags at work so if that scratchy throat starts in, you don't have to wait "till you get home" to start drinking it.  Hitting it early and fast is important.  Traditional Medicinal Organic Echinacea Tea has echinacea root extract in it also.  I believe that is why it works so well.  If you decide to try it, please read the cautions, and contraindications, on the side of the box. I would not take it if I was allergic to plants in the daisy family or if I had an auto immune disease.

     My next best "I have a cold tea" is mullein.  I pick this in the field every year.  It works better than  pseudoephedrine at loosening phlegm, opening passage ways, and calming a cough.  I so wish I had taken pictures last summer.  And I wish I had picked more!  I used some earlier this year and then handed it out to kids.  I'm now out till, give or take June.  Pictures will be coming this summer.

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