Gardening Without Gloves

     Two true statements  --- I hate wearing gloves when I garden. My hands and fingernails, and cuticles look tough all summer.  :-)  Sometimes I start out wearing gloves, and before I know it I'm forgetting to put them on.  Maybe there is something deep inside me that needs to feel that dirt. I don't know.

     I'm thinking about this because I spent another day planting seeds.  Even using potting soil, my fingernails and cuticles are taking a beating.  The potting soil isn't so bad, but I don't even want to know what I might be digging in outside when I know I have improved the soil with chicken and cow manure.  Cleaning up is really important.  Colloidal Silver Soap is what I like to use.  Any nice moisturizing soap (love the french milled soaps) could be used, but, it has to be a bar soap.  I like the colloidal silver soap because it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing.

I buy mine at the health food store.

     This is what I do, make my hand into a "claw" and dig into the bar of soap, so the soap gets up
under my fingernails.  Then use my nail brush.  A good way to clean under those fingernails just before making supper :-)

     P.S.  I planted perennial daisy, pink wave petunia, basil, purple verbena, parsley, fenugreek (playing around with it to see if it could be a supplement grain for chickens), and more gogi berry.  Looking like a greenhouse around here......

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