Planting Geraniums

You can see that even in the
basement it was trying to
 green up.
     They never look like they could come to life, but they always do.  In the fall, I pull all my geraniums, knock some of the dirt off the roots, bring them into the darkest part of the basement,and just lay them on newspaper.  That's where they stay until about this time.  I can't bear to buy geraniums every year when I know how easy it is to keep them.  And with the prices in the greenhouses going up every year, well....  One of my goals is to start all of my flowers from seed, early in the house for some, and right in the ground for others.  In the past I have been known for "over doing it" when it comes to buying flowers.  I love the flowers for the hummingbirds, and the bees, and their pure beauty .
     I will grow these geraniums in the house until mid April.  Then they will get planted in my outdoor pots. They will be right next to the garage door, so it is easy to bring them in at night or if we have an exceptionally cold day with a lot of wind.  By early May the pots will get planted with other flowers and get set where they will spend the summer.  The bright red ones are my absolute favorite.  Planting red geraniums,with double white petunias in a blue pot...beautiful.

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