Fly Traps & Little Boys

    Summer is here and that means back to doing fly patrol. Fly control is so-o-o important if you have animals.  I can remember many years back when we were having a family gathering at our place in the middle of summer.  The flies were horrible!  Almost impossible to have a picnic.  .....and the flies in the house!  I remember blaming the farm just down the road.  Well, guess what, it wasn't the farm, it was my own chicken coop!  Flies breed so fast that if you don't have a plan against them, they will win.
     I won't spray poison everywhere.  There is a natural solution that works great for me.  Rescue disposable fly traps attract and catch tons of flies, the whole bag will be full, and then I tape the top and throw it in the outside garbage, just before pick-up day.  I have tried other brand names but keep coming back to Rescue for getting the job done.  At the height of fly season I will change the traps (I usually have 3 out at a time between the ducks and chickens) every 2 weeks.  I buy a whole summers worth the minute they go on sale.
     There is one disadvantage.  There is a smell.  That's what attracts the flies.  I just hang them on the far side of the chicken coop and deal with the smell.  It ends up only being a wiff here and there -- I can deal with that.  Flies I can't deal with!  It is far enough away from the house that the smell is not a problem at all for our picnics.

Grandson Logan
      Last year I had a very full, smelly, fly trap and I was getting ready for all the kids and grand kids to come for Sunday supper.  I decided I needed to change that trap, so, I took it down and placed it at the side of the chicken coop while I finished up doing something else.  Of course I forgot about it. 
     The grand kids love "feeding" the chickens.  They are checking them out right away when they come.  Well, Logan, then 2 1/2, saw my fly trap on the ground.  There are always flies buzzing around in it.  So, what does a little boy do?  You got it.  He lifted that leg so far and stamped on that fly trap so hard!!  (Had to "kill" the  That trap burst.  Oh did he smell!  I could see it all happening in slow motion but there was nothing I could do about it.  It sure wasn't fun cleaning him up, but, I can't help laughing every time I think of it.  He was so young I don't suppose he will remember, but, Grandma will tell him the story........

.....dr momi

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Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! That will be a great story to tell him someday :-)

Candy C. said...

Oh my! Poor little guy!

Teresa said...

I'm going to have to try and find some of those fly traps. Sounds like a good way to deal with them without poison.

dr momi said...

Teresa...this 4th of July picnic at our house...not one fly that I saw. We didn't even get out the fly swatter in the house yet. No flies in the house even with all the going in and out. YES!