Eggshells & Coffee Grounds

     I've already started saving eggshells.  Not for Easter --- for the slugs.  :-)  The coffee grounds I'll wait for just a bit.  I started using the eggshells and coffee grounds last year, the second year that I ever planted cabbage. 

     The first year I planted cabbage, the heads were demolished -- it seemed like overnight!  Last year my organic cabbage was beautiful!!  ...and did I have a lot of it.  For what ever reason I started 1/2 flat of cabbage seed in the house last year, and every single one took.  (I had to plant them) That's a lot of sauerkraut and cabbage salad, when I am the one mostly eating it.  ---- I have got to get the rest of the family eating sauerkraut, it's so-o-o-o good.  I donated a lot of cabbage to the food pantry last summer. I didn't really expect all that cabbage to get to the full head stage.  They did, only because I sprinkled crushed eggshells (sharp on a slugs' little soft belly) and coffee grounds (I don't know why -- but it works) around every plant, and kept it up till harvest.  Lots of times I didn't have enough eggshells ready to go, that's why I'm starting early to save them.

     We will be making sauerkraut together this summer.......maybe you want to plant some cabbage too?
I always let the eggshells dry out for a day before crushing them.


Pat said...

The best sauerkraut recipe ever:
1 pork roast (any cut) 2-4 lbs.
1 qt. of sauerkraut
Place roast in crock pot, cover with sauerkraut. Cook on low 6-8 hrs.
That's it, NO other ingredients. In my family, even those that never liked sauerkraut love it. And when I take it to a covered dish supper I am always asked for the recipe.

James Foy said...

Thanks. I usually compost with the grounds and eggshells, but putting them around the plants will let the worms do the composting and keep the slugs out.
Got any advice for squirrels?

M. said...

I haven't been able to harvest a single head yet! Hope this works! Im dyin to make kraut!

dr momi said...

Pat....that's exactly what I do! ....and with homemade sauerkraut Mmmmmmm.

James....sorry, no advise on squirrels :-) We live next to a woods and there are big fox squirrels in there, but they are not brave enough to come across to our garden. Maybe the dog?

M.'s worked 2 years in a row for me! Gosh I'm hungry for kraut now.