Wipe Out Kinda Day

The shovel is on the other side of that drift :-), and it's still snowing.
       As you can see from the picture, we got a lot of snow last night. 10 inches here, with another inch all day today.  The wind is something else and the drifts are huge.  Without 4 wheel drive, our driveway would be almost impassable.  It will be drifted shut again tomorrow, and we'll have to get the guy out to plow again.  We call a day like this a "wipe-out" day.  Businesses are open, but not many people are out and about.  At our chiropractic office the phone just kept on ringing   ----  with cancellations.  My path to the ducks was filled in with a 4 foot drift  ---  my legs aren't that long :-)

     These kind of days are great for staying home and tackling projects.  I used the day to plant seeds.  Things that I would plant outside in about 10 -11 weeks or, in the case of the violas and pansies, things that I wanted blooming for early spring.  So, besides the violas and pansies, purple wave petunias got planted, eight slips from my sweet potato plant that had roots, white petunias, and some purple millet.

     Last year I planted my tomato plants too early.  They were long and spindly by the time it was ready to plant outside.  I had to dig a trench and bury them 3/4 of the way up the stems. It worked, but I made a mental note to not start them too early this if I had greenhouse.... :-)


Anonymous said...

What other kinds of flowers are good to start inside in pots? I think I might try this this year!

dr momi said...

Probably any seed you can buy will start inside, but timing is everything. If you start impatients and petunias too late, you won't have them blooming by May 1st. Other seeds like the violas and pansies only need that 6-8 weeks to get blooming. Marigolds and larkspur --- it's just as easy to plant them right in the dirt outside because they grow so fast. Run a flower by me and I'll help you figure out what to do with it. I always use Miricle Grow starting mix for the flowers. (not for my vegetables) You'll need a south window for enough light......I'm excited for you to try it :-)

Bonnie K said...

I know how you feel. Sorry about the snow. Keep your fingers crossed. With "global warming" it is sure to be summer soon and forever:)