18.8 inches

This is pretty in December --- not so much in March. 
Alright.  It's kinda pretty. 
    Ok that was a lot of snow.  With really bad timing.  Rick is thinking this is not good for the deer.  Before the snow, he was out looking for "sheds" (antlers the bucks shed in Feb. or Mar.).   He didn't find any sheds, but did find 2 dead fawns.  Probably ones that were born late June or early July last year, and just didn't have enough time to put any weight on for the winter.  When there is too much snow cover it is tough on them.  This snowstorm could very well kill some that were right on the edge.

     All the birds that were "twittering" (the word we use for birds mating :-) in the woods are quiet.  I think they are all just trying to stay warm and find food.  I saw a very cold redwing blackbird that I'm sure "just got into town" this morning.  The robins will do ok, no worms, but there is fruit hanging on some trees they will eat.  I've seen them devour ornamental crab apples this time of year.

That's as far as the load of wood got. 
Our driveway this morning --- you need 4 wheel drive.

The dogwood is still making me smile :-)


Anonymous said...

you have more snow than the UP! :)
Glad it missed us.
Also, I like your new eggy background!

dr momi said...

thanks Sam, I'm playing around with buttons.....and it is Easter time :-)