Vixen Alert

     Just when I thought I could let down my guard concerning fox, what do I see this morning in broad daylight?  A fox, trotting the whole 40 acre field fence line (there is no fence just some brush) along the side of our house.  Broad daylight!  Guess that's a sign that spring  It was awful small, probably a yearling vixen (a female fox that was born last year), running away from Mr. Fox who wanted to breed her.  The birds are "twittering" in the woods, guess that's a sign that spring is here/coming too.
    Billy the watch dog, barked early this morning when I let him out.  In the shadows I could see something running in the field, I wonder if it was the fox.     .......Good Dog

I'm just figuring out my chick order for this year. 
 Guess I'm still on fox alert.
 P.S.  I'm adding this on ......this evening about 5:30 didn't that vixen go right back the same way she came!  Thought for sure we'd see Mr. Fox.  Nothing, until 6:30.  Here he comes, following her path through the field.  Not knowing he was putting a show on for us, we watched as he started to jump into the air!  We realized he was hunting mice.  Jumping high into the air and stomping down hard to try to spook up the mouse.  It was all very exciting to watch.  Two grandsons and all of us adults totally enjoyed the show.............uuhhhh, but I'm still on fox alert.

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