Sunday In Pictures

My daughter, Dr. Kristy (with Trixy).  Kristy is a
chiropractor that also adjusts horses and dogs. 
.......and she is Logan and Zoe's mommy.
oh....and Nate's wife :-)

My favorite "spring picture".  I have it enlarged and framed.  I bring it out every year.
This was my broodmare Abra Aziz -- (Abee), full Arab.   She is Fire's dam.
Tulips are coming up by the house.  "Who's been scratching them up?!!"

I do believe I found the culprits......
(Not really any dry dirt by the chicken coop yet.  Still snow.)

Granddaughter Zoe is learning how to "pet a dog" with Grandpa.
Billy thinks he is a lap dog :-) --- he's the ONLY dog allowed up.

(Doesn't Rick look thrilled I am taking his picture for the whole world to see :-)

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laughwithusblog said...

My retriever thinks she's a lap dog too! Enjoyed your pictures!