Maple Syrup Old Fashioneds

We enjoyed these with supper last night.  In our area of Wisconsin, if you order an Old Fashioned, more likely than not, they will assume you want it sweet and made with brandy.  This is the "country" way to make them.

        Start with a rock glass  full of ice.

Fill it 1/2 full of Cherry Bounce.  Add 2 splashes of bitters,
1 Tbl. of maple syrup (fresh is yum), and fill the glass with club
soda.  Stir well.


So, what you ask, is Cherry Bounce?  Another Northeast Wisconsin yummy.  This recipe is from a Green Bay church cookbook (lol!), circa 1950.

Cherry Bounce

2 fifths brandy
2 c. sugar
2 qts. of fresh tart cherries
    ( Keep the pits in, but prick them for extra flavor.)

Combine all the ingredients in a large jar, and cover tightly.   Let stand for at least 2-3 months.  I keep mine down in the basement.  Strain when you're ready to use it.

This will end up tasting like fresh cherries......  We always start when the cherries are ripe, and let it sit until Thanksgiving --- and then enjoy as a holiday treat.

Of course, when there's still Cherry Bounce left over at this time of year, who can resist one made with fresh maple syrup!


Alice said...

Then take the cherries from the cherry bounce and drain them and dip them in melted chocolate for some awesome candy at Christmas or anytime.

dr momi said...

I did that 2 Christmas' ago. ......Don't forget to tell your company there is a pit in the middle!! LOL! Do you leave the stems on them then Alice? tastes like a cordial cherry.

Candy C. said...

Oh man, does that ever sound good! My friend just brought me some wild blackberries and I'm thinking the extras are going to become blackberry cordial! :)

3rnigerians said...

Wow. This sounds amazing. I am a newbie to canning and fancy stuff like Cherry Bounce, so I am wondering something. No pressure canning or water bath heating of cherry bounce concoction? Sorry, I am sure this is a silly question, but I don't want to screw it up. Is the alcohol the preservative? Please advise. BTW- love your blog. I found you from Amy's Homestead Revival Barn Hop. Can't wait to try the Cherry Bounce and maybe even chocolate covered cherries afterwards. Thanks.

dr momi said...

Candy...blackberry cordial is yummy too lol!

Heidi....Are you kidding me...there are NO silly questions :-) There is no pressure cooker or water bath involved, the alcohol is the preservative. Time is needed. If you start a batch now, it will be ready for Thanksgiving. Don't worry about the container exploding (like wine might). Any big glass or stoneware container would work great. Any more questions -- ask away!! :-)