Wheat Grass For Decoration

     Wheat grass -- I can't stand it.  It tastes so green.  Pond sludge, that's what I call it. (I just shuddered thinking about drinking it.)  More power to you guys who can drink it, it is chocked full of vitamins and enzymes.  I prefer to recycle my wheat grass.  I grow it for Easter time because it looks like spring.  I use it as a decoration.  But, when I give my creations a haircut, the ducks and chickens get the greens. (I eat the eggs --- did you follow that recycle bit?)  Buy your whole wheat berries in the health food section of your grocery store, or at your health food store.

Sprinkle wheat berries generously on top of your potting soil.
Leave plenty of room for water -- and it mounds up as it's growing.

Sprinkle a thin layer of potting soil on top and water.
Keep the top layer moist. (don't overdo it though)

By the 2nd day it's getting growing.

...and by day 4 you have a "lawn"
     By day 6 I will be "cutting the lawn" (with a scissors) and giving the clippings to the chickens.  I keep it trimmed to about 3 1/2 inches.  This will scream "spring" for a couple of weeks, looking absolutely beautiful.  Keep it watered, but again, don't get it so soggy you kill it.

     If you want a beautiful (cheap) Easter table decoration, start a new batch on Palm Sunday.  Put some colored eggs in it --- cute.  If you are going somewhere else for Easter dinner, start one for them!

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Anonymous said...

The local homeschool group made wheat grass Easter baskets. Sure is better than all that plastic Faux-grass. Great post!