Thunder Snow

     It was thundering and lightning last evening in the middle of a nasty snow/sleet storm!  Thunder snow is what the weatherman calls it.  Very strange.  So far we have about 13 inches of the wettest, heaviest snow ever.  We are suppose to have 15+ inches by the time it is done today.

     The guy came and plowed the driveway, leaving a 5 foot high bank in front of the garage door, which my husband is tackling right now.  There is no school today.  Ironically they used up the last, "built in" snow day just recently. (As in they got a day off).  Now they will have to make up this day off, by going another day longer.  I was suppose to work at the food pantry today, but, when school is called off for snow, the pantry is closed.  Not that I could get there.  Rick says he is only shoveling out his side of the garage right now.  I'm officially home bound for the day.  ( I don't want him to do anymore than his side -- that snow is heavy!)

Butsch loves the snow. 
The reason why Leader Dogs For The Blind
only uses double coated breeds - snow & cold climates.

     This morning when I took Butsch out, he stepped on the back of my slipper/boot and pulled it off.  The next step was a bare foot in 13 inches of snow :-).  He of course was sure he had to help me get it back on.  As I hopped around on one foot trying to hold onto the leash and put on the boot --- well, let's just say that didn't work!  Into the snow with my bare foot again.  This is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning!  No coffee needed.

.......and Billy loves the snow.  Golden Retriever, another double coated breed.

.....and Rick hates the snow.  (A heavy coated breed :-)


(If you look close you can see the corner of the kids picnic table.)

     I am so glad I didn't get my baby chicks yet.  All next week is only suppose to be in the low 30's for highs.  I start them in an old water tank in the garage every spring.  Just too cold at night and too "drafty" when we open and close the garage door. 

     Those of you with your gardens going already......I'm jealous :-)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm with Rick - I deeply dislike the snow, all snow (light snow, deep snow, thunder snow). We had a thundersnow storm this winter, too. Very strange.

Do you start the pups for Leader Dogs For The Blind?

dr momi said...

Yes, I get the puppies about 6 or 7 weeks usually. I am the "socializer" -- getting them used to traffic,stores,church, etc., etc. I will have Butsch until he is about 1 year old. Then he will go back to Leader Dogs For The Blind for formal training. Butsch is the 8th puppy I've raised. My first shepherd --- I'm liking the breed :-)

Aimee said...

Hmm, 15+ inches? I guess I should stop complaining about our measly 5 inches! =)
I do hope to experience thundersnow someday. I love thunder! And I love snow (but not in March, or anytime past that!) =)

dr momi said...

We actually ended up with 18'8 inches of snow, Aimee.....trying to keep a smile on our faces. I find it comforting that someone else is yearning for their chicks and gardens :-)