Sister Wins -- Robin Sighted

     It seems we do it every spring.  Compete to see who sees the first robin of the year.  The competition heated up this year ---  it had to be proven with a picture.  I admit it, my sister won.........But, she lives an hour south of me, so I'm sure I'll see one tomorrow :-)

     For those of you reading from far away places (I know you are there), robins migrate back to our area in the early spring.  Seeing one gives us hope that winter won't go on for ever :-)

This is what she e-mailed me.  The orange belly gives it away.  You win Roxey :-) year.


Roxey Lucey said...

I love it! That's as far as my camera would zoom in

dr momi said...

My sister-in-law reminded me that "it has to snow on a robin 3 times before spring is really here". Roxey and I are pretty sure this robin has seen that :-)