Slip Sliding Away.....

     This morning my husband took the garbage to the road.  (drove my truck ---  we have a really long driveway.)  The driveway was almost drifted shut at 9:00 a.m.  After dropping off the garbage at the road, he tried to Y turn the truck back around and ended up slipping down the hill --- sideways!  Our driveway is in the middle of a steep hill, and that steep hill has very deep ditches.  So, sliding sideways down the hill is a little scary -- even for him!  All turned out well, of course the big joke was,  "why didn't you just let it go into the ditch!"  -- I have 163,000 miles on that truck and it just won't die! ---- he says I have to drive it till 200,000 miles.  Ughh!

Our road at 2:00 this afternoon.

     About a month ago, a neighbor was driving down the hill, did a cheerio right at our driveway and wiped out the mailbox.  No digging a hole now.  It is now in a pot of Quik Crete, working out just fine.  She went into the "not quite so deep ditch", popped a tire and had to be pulled out.  Country driving in Northeast Wisconsin  -- we just go with the flow.

     We are expecting 4-6" of snow through tonight, and we are trying to keep a smile on our face.  I went looking for any kind of color out there.

The dogwood is getting bright, bright, red. 
Against all that "grey" --  it makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, aren't you just getting sick of this snow!! It was slick here this morning too! My mom, Dayton and I are coming to Shawano this weekend!!

dr momi said...

Maybe I'll see you guys, I have blog questions for you Alli :-)

Amy B. said...

As another Wisconsinite...yes, I'm sick of snow too!! I just got into your blog...I'm a church friend of Rox. Looking forward to reading your blog every day!! I too have chickens (but no fox thank goodness!) Have a great day!!

dr momi said...

Welcome Amy!I hope you enjoy :-)