Wood Pile Woes

This is all that's left!

     Winter is getting v-e-r-y long around here.  You know it's long, when this is all the wood that's left.  We have a furnace, but prefer to heat with wood.  It's a lot more economical, and a house warmed with wood is just plain cozy.  We started out with 15 cords of wood, and we are down to about 3/4 of a cord.  (A cord is 18" logs, stacked 5' high, and 8' long --- no, I couldn't remember that, I had to ask
:-) We have lots of wood on our hunting land, but, because of all the snow we can't get it out.
      Spring, we are waiting.......(there have been robin sightings ....always a good sign.)

This wood burning stove (fireplace insert) heats the whole house.
And's messy, but still worth it .

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