The Bee's Are......Buzzin'?

     Hopefully the bee's are buzzing.  I just got my first bees today.  Guess that makes me an official beekeeper.  Whether I'll be a good beekeeper is yet to be seen :-)

     It's been a very crazy day.  I had bloodwork drawn early this morning.  Drove to pick up the bees  about 1hr. and 45 min. away.  Drove back home.  Picked up my grandson from pre-school.  "Ran" to the vet for Butsch's last set of shots.  Listened to Butsch "puke" in his kennel just before I got home. (Carsick from driving with me to get the bees.)  And then.......

     This rookie beekeeper had to get her bees into the top bar beehive.  Today's high was 39 degrees.  There has been 18 mile/hr. sustained winds with 40 mile/hr. gusts.  I have a gut feeling this isn't good for the bees.  Somehow, the bees are in the hive, the queen was still alive and put into place, the pollen was attached to the side wall, the sugar syrup was in place, and the cover with a cement block on it was in place.  If this all's to honey and beeswax later on this fall!

The bees sat on the kitchen table while I ran to the vet.
From the car to the house, did they get mad!  They were a buzzin' then!

Grandson Logan was amazed.......

.....dr momi

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