Not a Good Beekeeper :-(

     *Sigh*......I lost them all.  So many questions, "Did I spray them too much in the cold weather when I put them in?", "Did I shake them too hard getting them out of their box?", "Did I screw the bottom of my syrup solution on too tight and it wasn't dripping?", "Is trying to put new bees into a top bar hive crazy in 30 degree weather?"

      I checked them 2 days after I put them out, half of them were dead then.  Two days later they were all dead.  I'm evaluating what to do next.  I have all the equipment, I might as well get more if there are  any to get.  I may end up getting an established hive in May.

Here's something that surprised me. ......I actually got attached to the bees.
Caring for them was much like caring for the chickens.
(And loosing them felt just like loosing chickens)
 Now that has got to be the farmer in me!
.....dr momi


Anonymous said...

OH no! That makes me sad too! I'm sorry to hear about your bees! Have a Happy Easter!

dr momi said...

You have a Happy Easter too Alli! Someone I know here is going to help me to get more bees and make sure they are set up right. I jumped on the offer! So, watch for future posts, the bees will be back :-)

John said...

Sorry to hear about your bees. Keep us informed if you find out what happened.

dr momi said...

Will do John!

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

It might be good idea to find a local bee association to connect with. Bees hibernate at 40 degrees so dumping them in the permanent home at 30 degree would certainly kill them. The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum is an excellent book and recommended by our state bee inspector.

dr momi said...

Hey Megan ---- thats exactly what I did! Two experienced bee keepers have taken me under their wing. New bees are due to arrive, and with their help all will be set up correctly. They agreed it was the cold and my "bottom feeder" (I know it has a name). We will be dripping the sugar water down through the top this time round. I'll pick up the book. Thanks for the tips!

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

Your Welcome! We have found our local bee association very helpful and we don't even have our bees yet. It has just been too cold here. We should be able to get them around May 10th if it stops snowing and raining.