Chicken Disaster

      Not mine.  My daughter's.  Today the outside "barn dogs" pretty much wiped out her little flock.  It was her first flock of chickens.  Kerri spent a good part of last summer getting her coop and run put together, and was just finally really enjoying them. The dogs never seemed to bother the ducks that run freely around her in-laws barn.  Thinking they would leave the chickens alone too, she let the chickens out to "bug-hunt".   Not a good ending.

     Last year I raised way too many pullets.  More than I knew I could keep.  I did it on purpose, figuring Kerri would be ready for a flock.  I gave her 3 laying hens and 3 banty's.  Of course it had to be the 3 hens, and one of the banty's that didn't make it.

     I still have more hens than I need in my flock.  I have them for "such a time as this"  ---  insurance in times of disaster.  Now that they are laying an egg each, every day, there is no way I can use 7 eggs a day.  Especially when I have duck eggs for baking too.  So, my little flock will get split up again.  She will take 3 laying hens.  That will leave me 4 hens, 2 banty's (to hatch eggs), and Cookie Monster (the rooster).

     Six pullets are growing up with my meat chickens, that will be the start of next years flock.  Kerri will be leaving her chickens in the run, and I better not have a run-in with the fox!

Two hens didn't show up for the family portrait......the flock, soon to be split again.

My daughter Kerri (....and Belle and Peanut)
Mama to Remington, and wife to Jason.
Very upset "chicken mama" today.
.....dr momi

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