Happy GROWING Chicks

     The chicks just outgrew their water tank.  Usually by now I would have moved them from the garage to an outdoor pen.  It's way too cold yet.  (Very late spring!)  They are 3 weeks old now, and getting cramped.  Just so happens I have another old water tank.  So, I divided them up.

     This is a temporary situation that needs to be done, but, isn't something I like to do.  The reason being is, the chicks will really start in on a "pecking order" in the next couple weeks.  Some will be "top chicks" -- others not so much.  The ones at the bottom of the pecking order, will literally get "picked on" until every one is established into his spot.  Sometimes they will actually  peck a lower chick to death if you don't watch it.  After a while, everyone knows their spot and peace returns.

     The problem with making two separate "flocks" right now, is that when I do put them all together outside, a new pecking order will happen all over again.  It's tricky making sure you don't loose any.
Because I was counting to make it even, I realized I am missing a chick!
Pretty sure they miscounted at the store. :-(
Probably 1 more week in here before moving outside (with a light) .

2 weeks ago (already a week old)

...and today, 3 weeks old

.....dr momi

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