Trixy Is Off To College / Baby Pics

     Future Leader Dog Beatrix (Trixy) is off to "doggy college" today.  Maggie, the leader of the Northeast Wisconsin Puppy Raisers Group, her grandson, and I, are leaving for Leader Dogs For The Blind, in Rochester Michigan today.  Maggie's puppy Kibble, (Trixy's sister) is going back too.  And.... Mitch, another puppy from our group, is hitching a ride.  We will be going up through Upper Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge that connects Upper and Lower Michigan, and then all the way down Lower Michigan to Rochester which is near Detroit. 

     This is never fun for us.  You slowly get yourself ready for it over the last month you have them,  reminding yourself that this is not your dog.  The sting of parting with them will be eased some, as we are bringing home 2 new puppies.  One for Maggie and one for Mitch's raiser.  (Remember I already have my new puppy, Butsch, at home.)  If all goes well, after 5 months of professional training; Trixy,  Kibble, and Mitch, will get teamed up with a blind person.  This is the goal, this is why we do it.

                      Sending a "kid" to college makes you dig out the "baby pics" ..........


The very first day we had Trixy.

She so wanted Billy to be her "mommy".
And she fit into the "doggy toy box".


Sleeping by Dad's foot........if we watched we could see her growing :-)


She loved the chewing parties with Billy.

God's Blessings go with you you.  Be a "good girl".

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