Finishing Up That Maple Wine

     Got my One Step out and sanitized my secondary fermentor (a gallon jug), my siphon, and the airlock.

Once the siphon gets going, it does it all by itself.

I always make sure to label it with
 the kind of wine and date started.
This has the stopper in with a hole in it
for the airlock.

The airlock lets the wine "bubble", but keeps
out stray yeast.  Here the airlock gets filled with water.
 Now, let it "do it's thing".  No worry about popping the stopper.

      The calendar has been marked "rack the maple wine" for 3 weeks down the road, and the maple wine has joined the elderberry wine on the top of the basement steps.  A place that is not too hot and not too cold.  ......and we wait.

.....dr momi

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