Chicks Are Here


     I blew it with getting my chicks ordered early enough with Murray McMurray.  They wouldn't be able to fill my order for 20 jumbo cornish cross chicks until May 30th.  My fault for waiting so long.  If I got them that late we would be in the middle of really hot weather when they seem to be the most vulnerable --- a couple of weeks shy of butcher time.  They just can't handle the heat when they are that big.  So......
     I checked over at our new Tractor Supply store.  They had some cornish cross chicks in (not the jumbo) that were already a week old.  They fed them and used their electricity......that's a good deal :-)!

I said, "I'll take 20"
She said, "There's only 3 left, do you want them?"
I said, "sure".
23 meat chicks living in the old water tank in the garage.

Grandson Ryan's quote of the day, "It's licking me."  lol

"Riley, look at Grandma......Riley look at Grandma".
Holding a chick takes a lot of

.....dr momi


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH you're going to eat those cute little chicks!?

dr momi said...

aaahhhhh....No Sam (is that what you wanted to hear?) :-)