Official Wisconsin Cheese Curds

       I made them, so they are official because I live in Wisconsin :-)  Cheese curds are big here in Northeast Wisconsin.  Every Fri. you can buy them fresh from just about every gas station and grocery store.  Cheese curds are only good fresh, as in, made & then sold.  No putting them in the refrigerator.  If you do, they will loose their "squeak".  Did you know when you bite into fresh cheese curds they squeak?  Yup, they do.

     Anyway, if you're having a get-together and cheese curds are an appetizer, the party will have a great start! So, there are two cheeses I want to learn how to make.  Mozzarella for homemade pizza, and cheddar -- just for the cheese curds.  (And if I ripen some cheddar cheese, well yummy too.)

    Today I spent practicing making cheese curds, since I still don't have a cheese press.  Note to self : "put your glasses on when reading the thermometer."  I heated the milk to 80 degrees thinking I was reading 90 degrees on the thermometer.  Caught it after I put in the culture.  :-)  This is called "practicing".  I'm sure I'll get something fairly tasty......I'll have to come up with a "new name" for my!

Cutting the curd.  I have a very hard time making a straight cut!

Draining the curd.  (The whey is going into my breakfast shakes.)

"Docmom" Cheese Curds.
They look nothing like the ones we buy around here :-)
They do squeak
They taste pretty good.  (I'd put them out for a party.)
.......but I'm going to keep practicing.
.....dr momi


John said...

I've never had them but, they look good. You just pop them in your mouth and eat?

dr momi said...

Hi John......usually they are about a 2 bite piece of cheese. The squeaky part is the best :-) Tastes like a young cheese. Around here they put food color in and they are orange. I refuse to do that.....but mine still don't look right :-)

MamaHen said...

How interesting. We are about to get dairy goats and I have a big learning curve ahead of me.

Lisa said...

Our cheese factory makes the orange ones and the white ones. I like the white. Saw you on the barn hop and knew you were from wisconsin because nowhere else knows what cheese curds are!! :)

dr momi said...

Mama Hen -- you can make cheese curds from goat milk too .... go for it.

Lisa -- only in Wisconsin :-)

Dicky Bird said...

I'm from Wisconsin too - cheese curds are a staple here. Fresh are great - yes squeaky! At most festivals and county fairs we have what is known as "Fried Cheese Curds!" Delicious! Fresh, beer batter, greasy - you know, the traditional Wisconsin way! :)

dr momi said...

Hi Dicky Bird --- I know where Ringle is! Fried Cheese Curds -- yum! LOL

Carolyn said...

I just started making yogurt. Cheese is next on my list!