Sunday in Pictures

.....and the ears are up.

Rick got his early spring turkey.
In the rain, sleet, wind, & snow.
Does not sound fun to me :-)

Kerri's dog Peanut.
When she was a "peanut".
She is a Beagle/Pomeranian

Coloring Easter Eggs (Grandma had lots of duck eggs.)
Gracie, Brayden, Riley, Ryan, and Logan

Granddaughter Gracie gets her turn holding a chick.

 .....dr momi


Anonymous said...

Gracie is ADORABLE! She is obviously having a great time at Grandma's house. I bet duck eggs make fantastic Easter eggs - we'll be blowing out all sizes of chicken eggs to paint this year. Just one more reason raising poultry makes me smile. Thank you for sharing your photos!

dr momi said...

Thanks bucolicambition! The duck eggs were great for Easter eggs. I'd love to see pics of your painted eggs!

judy said...

well your about as far straight over from my sister in spring valley that you can get and stay in the same state. i like your blog. kids everywhere just like at my house- i have a question r. is there really such a thing as a chiropractor-neurologist?

dr momi said...

I know where Spring Valley is. --- would always go through it on my way to visit my girls at chiropractic school (Northwestern)in Bloomington. To answer your question -- all chiropractors are "neurologists" of sorts because that's what we do. Take pressure off nerves so they can function correctly. However, there are chiropractors that have taken extra education, that could be called Chiropractic Neurologists. Does that help all?