Getting Ready To Make Wine

This is the product I start with.  One Step makes sure that all of your equipment is sanitized.
1 TBL. to a gallon of water.  Everything gets rinsed in it. 
 The package says you don't have to rinse it off,  but I do anyway.
Find it at your wine supply store.

The bag that my fruit will go in gets sanitized.
.....and the string with rubber band that will keep the plastic cover on my fermentor.
(Don't laugh that my string is binder twine :-)

This is the string and rubber band.  It will stretch to hold the plastic (I use a clean garbage bag)
on your primary fermentor.  This keeps unwanted yeasts out, but lets the fermentor "breathe".
Cut your string about 5 inches too short for the circumference of your fermentor.
Tie the ends to a rubber band.  Works like a charm.

My primary fermentor is a 5 gallon pail.  The inside gets rinsed with One Step.  
I have it labeled "wine" so that is the only use this bucket gets.
 I don't know about your house, but here, if it doesn't have a label on it
it could get used for any odd job......and some of those jobs are not things
I want in my fermentor!!

     Yesterday and today my house is like a sauna.  There is moisture on the windows because I am reducing 12 gallons of maple sap down to one gallon --- in the house.  Tomorrow.........the recipe for Maple Sap Wine.

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